Southern Pacific Railroad


Scenes along the western region of the Southern Pacific.


Photos from 1982

6313PHXWe took a trip to visit family in Arizona and southern California. I snuck off a bit to see what I could find. This is in the SP yard in Phoenix, Arizona.
Map location

8324nearGBSD40T Tunnel Motor 8324 rolling west east of Gila Bend
Approximate map location

rollOut near Tacna, Arizona (yes, I marked it as Roll, but Roll is not on the main), there was a fine string of westbound trains a few miles apart for as far as the eye could see. I remember the flashing Gyralights all lined up in the distance.

sunset 1 3 82 

sunset 1 3 82

sunset 3 March 82 

sunrise coltonSunrise at Colton, California, taken somewhere near the Colton yard. 

colton82 2Colton yard; I have since heard that SP was testing some of Southern's locomotives.



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