MNRR: The 700's new clothes


July 13, 2007, Tulelake California


The MNRR powers that be decided it was time to get the 700 into official Modoc Railroad attire.  In July of 2007, that process began.  It had to be done in stages, however, as the line still had trains to run and customers to service.

Although I missed the sandblasting (sorry not sorry), I was able to capture the 700 in various stages of the repainting project as it took place out behind the old SP trailer at the Tule Lake Yard in Tulelake, California.







August 14, 2007, Texum, Oregon


mnrr4776Not finished yet? We have trains to run! At Texum waiting to take a train in to the UP yard.


Detail of poling pocketHow many locomotives of today still wear poling pockets?

mnrr 4786


August 24, 2007, back at Tulelake


Getting closer

mnrr 4810

 mnrr 4811


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