Burlington Northern


Unfortunately, I didn't take many photos of Burlington Northern trains.  But here's what I have.

Back in the 1980s, BN had a yard at Hoyt Street in Portland (nee Spokane, Portland & Seattle, Northern Pacific) that I wish I'd visited to take more photos than these.

Portland, Oregon

File0310How Portland's Pearl District looked in 1980
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Back in the day, Burlington Northern had a round house and a yard in Portland near Union Station.Back in the day, Burlington Northern ran trains with mixed power from ALCO, EMD and GE, including F-units, both A and B styles.
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bn 2530 pdx 940 bn portland night 940


Tualatin, Oregon

In the winter, photos from a hike along the grade leaving Tualatin toward the south. 

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bn 2530 pdx 940


Tonquin, Oregon

Some of Stearns Rock Crushing's dump truck fleetSome of Stearns Rock Crushing's dump truck fleet at the Tonquin quarry. I drove the one second from the right.
The quarry is now a training center for fire departments.
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I used to drive a dump truck for Stearns Rock Crushing in Tonquin.  Each trip to and from the quarry took me over the BN's former Oregon Electric mainline crossing at Tonquin Loop.  There was a short siding there, a dragging equipment detector on the main, and also the vestige of the former Oregon Electric depot and substation.  The latter still exists, according to Google Earth, as of the date of this writing.

File0391Oregon Electric depot and substation at Tonquin, Oregon, in the early 1980s
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File0392Old Northern Pacific flat car on the siding next to the old OE depot at Tonquin, Oregon
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