Reports of Stolen Items

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Posted February 6, 2010

A K3L and a (R)SU3L horn were stolen on Monday, February 1, 2010 from two Washington and Idaho Railway locomotives in Marshall Yard.  Marshall Yard is just south of Spokane, Washington. A photo and description of the rather unusual (R)SU3L can be found at .


Posted March 7, 2007

On the last day of the LA County Fair, someone went into the cab of the UP Big Boy and stole the "Steam Heat Pressure Gauge" out of the cab. 

Big Boy Steam Heat Gauge, RLHS photo

Also, someone climbed on top of the UP 6915 (Centennial) and stole the "Leslie 5 Chime Horn." 

Leslie 5 Chime Horn on UP 6915, RLHS photo

If anyone knows any information about either of these items, please contact any Southern California Chapter, Railway and Locomotive Historical Society member at (909) 623-0190. 

Your help in finding and returning these pieces of history is greatly appreciated.


Posted October 4, 2007

An ex-CSP A-8 motorcar from Wallula Yards (south of Pasco, WA) was recently stolen. 

Stolen Motorcar
Photo by Sam Davey, used by permission

From a GNRW employee: "The car was on a spur and chained down. The lock or chain was cut and taken along with the car; the tools, spikes, track bolts, etc. were carefully placed along side the track where the car was parked and the car was moved several hundred feet to a crossing where it was loaded onto a truck or trailer."

The the motorcar had a Ford V-8 and either a Borg or New Process transmission.

If you know anything about this theft, or happen to see this motorcar show up someplace, please contact Jim Morefield at


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