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Craig's Railroad Photography:

San Diego Railroad Museum, Campo, California, 1996

Disclaimer:  This is NOT an official SDRM or PSRMA web site.

San Diego Railroad Museum's Campo, California campus is home to this EMD MRS-1 (Military Road Switcher), #1809, painted and lettered for the museum's San Diego and Arizona Railroad. 

MRS1 Excursion

Photo # sdrm1


Shay #3 soaks up the southern California sunshine

Photo # shay3


Baldwin 4-6-0 No. 2353

This ten wheeler worked on Southern Pacific's lines since its delivery in October of 1912.  She also pulled passenger trains on the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railroad. She was retired in January, 1957, but that was not the last the world saw of her.  In February she was donated to and moved to the California Mid-Winter Fairgrounds in Imperial California where she was displayed for 29 years.

In November of 1984, the Fair operator donated her to the Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum Association in Campo, California, to where she was trucked in July 1986.  There, she was disassembled and fully restored for operation on the San Diego Railroad Museum's track.  The restoration took ten years.  She was operated for five years, during which time she had roles in a movie (Pearl Harbor) and a music video (Jessie Hold On by B'witched).

During her five-year FRA inspection, a minor problem was discovered with her boiler. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the minor problem was actually a major one and she needed to have her crown sheet replaced (at the minimum) before she could run again.  These repairs are beyond the Museum's financial ability to perform.  So, she was reassembled and spiffed up, and now is on static display at the San Diego Railroad Museum in Campo pending that future date when repairs can be affected.

She is shown below as she appeared in 1996.

Photo #SP2353

Photo # 2535-2

Photo # 2353-3


Photo # 2353-4


Engineer's Side

Photo # backhead1


Fireman's Side

Photo # backhead2

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